breakdown book collective--wooden shoe books--the a space--lucy parsons center-- jane doe books--the long haul infoshop--back to back cafe--liberty hall--derailer bicycle collective--denver zine library--bread & roses workers' cultural center--arise! bookstore--bluestockings radical bookstore--internationalist books--boxcar books--left hand books--cave--madison infoshop--ironweed collective--omaha react--brian mackenzie infoshop--1919 hemphil--monkeywrench books--rec center--rhizome collective--red emmas--firebrand community center--the wire


rivers & tides--the gleaners & i--$100 and a t-shirt--man with a movie camera

some more public spaces:

the albany landfill, berkeley--socrates sculpture park, long island city--confluence park, denver--portland rose garden, portland--city repair project, portland



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