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The Camera’s Gaze and the Process of Interviewing People--How we got Funding for our Research and Getting Approval by the Human Subjects Research Committee--Notes on Editing/Filming/Presentation--Travel Journal Entries--Breakdown Experience: Consuming Relationships


Foucault--Bourdieu--Lefebvre--de Bouvier--Chela Sandoval-- bell hooks--Gramsci-- Don Mitchell--Marx--Akhil Gupta--James Ferguson--Althusser--Derrick Jensen--Angela Davis--James Howard Kunstler--sylvia plath--Keith Basso-- William Cronon--Vandana Shiva--de Certeau


the land institute--project for public spaces--city repair project--anarcha--peoples' geography project--cafe rebelion--el centro humanitario--richmond queer space--joanie4jackie

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Film Studies--Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec



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